Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Socialise Me or how I learned to love facebook and twitter

This is my first blog entry and I didn't know what to write about. 4 cups of coffee, one chat and one phone call later I decided to talk about my experience with the social network. At first I refused to join that community of people who spend their time entirely on the - as I call it - facebook or twitter twilight zone.Or maybe "black hole" would be a more appropriate title. Mostly everyone who joins one or the other gets totally lost. Nothing really matters anymore - neither family nor friends, activities or the job. I heard (and saw) a few really sad stories. All I wanted was to shout at them "Get yourselves a life for godsake!" And I was wondering. Can people you meet on facebook or twitter be called "friends"? People I hardly know and - more important - hardly know me? Are they for real or are they just one big fake? So I was steadfast in my refusal to be one of  "them". But only for a while ;). A friend of mine convinced me to join facebook and twitter by saying "Come on....everyone we know is there. Could be fun!" Well, needless to say that she succeeded at last. I joined twitter and a little bit later facebook too always prepared not to expect very much from it. And then....I slowly started to get in touch with the people, found some interesting sites and made some new friends. I did it by writing on their walls (or vice versa!), by playing such interesting games like zuma or bejewled blitz (yeah – I admit I'm addicted ) or by attending events like a live chat. A lot of funny and nice people you can meet there. If you're lucky you get to know some of them a little bit better. You just have to keep one thing in mind: Have a great time, enjoy yourself but never loose track! Don't forget there's still a life outside facebook or twitter. Don't forget there are people who care for you – who did that long before you joined the social network madness. That's what I tell myself everyday and live by it. Finally I made my peace with the social network. It can give you a lot – if you know how to handle it...

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