Saturday, June 4, 2011

My date with Lara Adrian

A year ago I had the opportunity to meet one of my all-time favourite Authors: Lara Adrian. I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say she's a true master in the writer community. I've got myself all of her books in english and german. You may ask now why? It's a habit of mine to read the books I love in the original language too.
But back to Lara. I was one of the winners of a special contest and the price was a day with Lara Adrian. So on a sunny day in june last year me and the rest of the contest winners (a bunch of 20 lovely ladies!) met at a canal in eastern Berlin where a little boat was waiting for us and Lara. The PR-lady of the Lyx publishing company welcomed us and then SHE came! She looked so lovely and was accompanied by her husband John.

He was such a nice and funny guy. Before we entered the boat we had the chance to make some pictures with her. Here's mine:

On the boat we had a little Q&A and we shared our opinion on her books, the characters (we had a little poll for our favourite character also) and she signed some books for us. Finally it was my turn and I sat down next to her and didn't know what to first. Damn, I've been so nervous it left me speechless. But she started talking to me and then.....well, let's say I learned to use my voice again although it may have sounded a little croaky ;). 

After our little boat trip we had a wonderful BBQ on the rooftop terrace of Audible. We had good food, lots of champagne and a nice chat with Lara. After lunch there was another chance for a quick Q&A with Lara Adrian and Simon J├Ąger. 

He's the german narrator of Lara's audiobooks. Gosh, that man has a wonderful and sexy voice (okaaay, behave yourself Nicky! ). Lara never heard his voice before and she fell head over heals for it – so she said! They got along great and all of us had a wonderful time.
Unfortunately we had to leave soon for the live reading at a theatre which Lara promised to attend. 

You can imagine it was a huge success even though Lara's voice had been affected by a cold. But she didn't want to disappoint her fans and read two chapters of her book and then Simon read the same chapters in german. The ladies freaked out as soon as he read the first word. It was marvellous. That was an awesome day and I enjoyed every freakin' minute of it. Lara is such a lovely, warm and down-to-earth person and I'm so thankful I had the chance to meet her. If you have the opportunity to meet her don't let it pass by – you would regret it.

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  1. It sounds like you had a great day. I love Lara Adrian too - she is a really nice person. My favourite character of her books is Lucan Thorne. Can't wait for her next book. BTW I like your blog very much!! :))