Thursday, June 9, 2011

Me and my PSE

I started using Photoshop Elements about a year ago. Before that I used to work with several graphic programs like Gimp, Photo Impact and Paint Shop Pro and – of course – Photoshop Elements.

After a while I decided to stick with PSE because it offers so many possibilities for making wonderful pictures. My friend Bea (she's the one who introduced me to it) is working with Photoshop too and she said that after all this time she'd still not figured it out completely. And I totally agree with her. But I like it that way. There is always something you don't know, like a brush or a pattern you didn't try out before. It's highly addictive. I can spend hours dealing with my PSE. My friend is making fun of me now 'cause at first I didn't want to work with that program – no chance . 

I refused to accept her thesis that Photoshop was so special that once you start using it you don't want to use another program. Well, after I started working with it I had to admit she was right.
It's not only you don't want to – you simply don't need to work with another graphics program! It took a bit of time before I was ready to show my work to other people .

They seemed to like it although I wasn't sure if they were only trying to be nice. Until one day some of my colleagues at work who were also working with graphic programs told me that they like what I do with my PSE. They let me do the covers for our annual reports – I was so proud you can't imagine how much.

Occasionally I also take some „orders“ for pictures from friends and family like birthday pics or a picture with their newborn sons or daughters on it and I'm always happy to oblige them. I know for a fact that I'm still far far away from being a professional but I am proud of my creations. To be able to express yourself, your feelings through a picture (or poems, stories, music etc. – depends on what you've chosen) is something I hope will never get lost. Neither for me nor anyone else.

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  1. oh nicky.. ich hab grad den artikel gelsen.. und nu bin ich mega proud.. hihi.. das du mich erwähnst.. oh ha.. ich werd rot..lach.. und i agree with ps und pse are the best ever.. hehe